International Shopping

We ship, so you can shop the brands you love. We offer a number of service options including daily and weekly air freight, consolidation and low shipping rates, plus real time tracking of your goods.

We will consolidate multiple packages to ensure the lowest possible shipping costs, and can advise you on the right service for you to suit your purchase, number of packages and timelines. We offer daily and weekly services from the US.

You can monitor the progress of your shipment in real time via our personal customer portal. From the arrival of your package at our Miami warehouse, to it being ready for you to pick up in Grand Cayman, you can track its progress door to door. We’ll also email you updates along the journey, to let you know it has arrived in Miami, it’s on its way, it is awaiting clearance at Cayman Islands Customs and when it’s ready for collection.

If you are shopping overseas, we can manage:

Consolidation Services

If you like shopping online and that too on regular basis, we can help you with forwarding your items taking advantage of the lowest possible shipping rates available. We offer a few forwarding services and will advise the one that suits you best based on the nature of your purchases, number of packages and your timelines.

Handling full range of products of various weight and volume (small packages to full containers)

We are able to ship through UPS small package, USA2U service or with the best priced shipping line with service to Grand Cayman

  • Real time tracking
  • Shipment updates
  • Customs clearance
  • Duty payment on your behalf
  • Delivery to your home or business
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