Vehicle & Transportation

Are you importing or exporting a vehicle to or from Grand Cayman? We will help you plan a shipping solution that makes the most sense for your needs and budget and meets the vehicle import / export requirements for the Cayman Islands, including licensing, bonding and insurance.

Our experienced vehicle transportation team have packed, shipped, imported and exported multiple cars and luxury vehicles, including those previously on display at the Cayman Islands Motor Museum. Let us take the same level of service and care for your vehicle.

We also specialise in vehicle handling:

Vehicle Import Experts

There are special regulations for bringing in vehicles to Grand Cayman. We know them throughout, so that you don’t have to.

Customs Clearance

We imported the cars for the Motor Museum on island and we can handle your car with the same level of service and care.

  • Duty determination and payment
  • Licensing with the local authorities
  • Delivery of your car to your home
  • Vehicle export services
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